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  • Drew Weing's Set to Sea - The story of a burly poet who gets mistaken for a sailor and shanghaied. Good characterization and fantastic art. Characters reminiscent of E. C. Segar and gorgeous, detailed settings. Start at the beginning.
  • Dean Haspiel's Immortal - A pair of hard-boiled, super-powered lovers accidentally awaken a cosmic deity that doesn't know how to love anymore. Seriously. Jack Kirby space-god operatics and Frank Miller two-fisted hypernoir combined in one concentrated dose. Sample dialogue: "That dame broke her bruiser out from jail—only to crack the seal of a legend exiled eons ago." Don't expect anything so banal as naturalism. It's a one-shot (just one extended vertical strip—infinite canvas minus gimmicks), so read it all here.
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You know those "Boys Are Dumb, Throw Rocks At Them" t-shirts? Well, the guy who makes them (yeah, it's a guy), Todd Goldman a.k.a. Todd Goliath, has been outed as a plagiarist. A painting he has up in a gallery has been traced from Dave Kelly's webcomic "Purple Pussy", and the "Eve L" character on several of his shirts is just Roman Dirge's Lenore but slightly taller and without pupils.

A lot of webcomic artists like Randy K. Milholland and Scott Kurtz have been getting the word out, and the news has also spread to art magazine Juxtapoz, the general comics news & rumors column Lying In The Gutters, MetaFilter, and Digg. My LJ is small-time, but hopefully this will inform a few people who might otherwise have not known and been inclined to buy one of this thieving bastard's shirts.
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Today's Questionable Content puts some rather Allisonian dialogue in Raven's mouth.
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Minus. A not-really-gag comic about a little omnipotent girl.

Hey Kaddy

Oct. 23rd, 2006 08:06 pm
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You might want to check out Questionable Content's newest shirt design.
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Yeah, no con report yet. I'm lazy, and there are a bunch of photos to sift through and sort. Hopefully tomorrow (definitely not Thursday; that's game night).

Anyway, a couple of nifty things from webcomicsland (specifically the ModernTales corner thereof):

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The new Keenspot newsbox for Help Desk


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