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Captain Lou Albano, dead of natural causes at 76.

To soothe the pain of his loss, here's a few videos to remember him by.
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A coworker loaned me a Bollywood animated movie titled The Return of Hanuman a few days ago. I didn't know they made cartoon movies in India, although given the size of their film industry I really shouldn't be so surprised. She called it an "Indian anime", but stylistically it's pretty clearly based on Western models, particularly Don Bluth. The plot kinda wanders all over the place, but that seems to be the rule for all Bollywood movies, and it's more coherent than some (the opening sequence actually foreshadows the climax!). The animation quality is not great, and it has some sloppy-looking CG.

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Dragonball Z VS Sesame Street



EDIT: Something ate the video. Restoring.
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The Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer...done in a WWE wrestling game! Pikachu as a wrestler is freaky as hell.

Thanks to [ profile] danihana for the link.
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Nov. 28th, 2005 09:10 pm
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In the past few years it's slowly started to dawn on me that frequently fandom is not about liking something, but hating it.  Superhero comics fans gripe about the directions DC and Marvel are going in. Harry Potter fans kick up a fuss when the latest book invalidates their speculation on romantic pairings. Wrestling "smarks" complain about the latest angles. It's like a sort of masochism: those superhero fans hate what DC is doing but continue to buy the titles, those Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly be standing in line to buy the next volume when it comes out, and the smarks who bitch about Vince McMahon and Triple H tune in to RAW and Smackdown every week

This isn't exactly new, but I recently stumbled across a few good essays on the phenomenon:

What is a fanboy?
"What characterizes a fanboy, as opposed to a mere consumer? Paramount sinks a lot of money into producing new episodes of Star Trek, so one assumes that it must have a mainstream audience far beyond the realms of obsessive hobbyists. Either that, or there must be an awful lot of fanboys in the world. Is there a difference between 'Thinking that Star Trek is an enjoyable television programme' and 'Being a Star Trek fanboy?' Can we come up with a definition of Doctor Who fanboy other than "One who has watched 'Creature from the Pit' more than once, and watched 'The Gunfighters' at all"?"
The Third Age of Fan
"It would not be fair to say that the fan-boy does not like the thing which he is a fan-boy of. It would be more accurate to say that liking and disliking is irrelevant to his activity. Fan-boyhood grows out of nostalgia and therefore fixes its gaze on something ephemeral, commonplace and of low artistic value. It then attempts to catalogue it, study it, collect it—or in extreme cases re-enact it, thus investing it with significance and mummifying the memory."
" ... (noun, pl.); fans who violently believe the only valid interpretation of any entertainment source is a dogmatic adherence to their favorite version of that source. Any change to the smallest detail is inherently unacceptable (see also heresy) and met with frantic scorn. See also Hal Jordan and Klingons, bumpy vs. smooth."
There also seems to be a growing realization among Internet wrestling writers of this trend and an accompanying backlash. That the griping continued even through the recent death of and memorials to Eddie Guerrero seems to have made some of them realize that something is wrong. There have been a few angry pieces on taking fans to task for astoundingly insensitive comments on the memorial episodes of RAW and Smackdown.

Fortunately, webcomics fandom seems relatively free of this trend. I was going to say that I thought it was because it hasn't been around for long enough to develop, but then I remembered that Harry Potter hasn't been around for very long either. So I'm not really sure why it hasn't developed. It may have something to do with the fact that most webcomics are the products of single creators: there is only one creative voice in effect, so there can be no complaints about the author not being "true to the characters". And the only real examples of it in webcomics (that I can think of) are indeed times when someone other than the original creator stepped in: T Campbell's run writing Cool Cat Studio for Gisele Lagace, and to a lesser extent some artists on Fans. Harry Potter fandom provides a counterexample, though, in the Harmonian Uprising (when the Harry/Hermione shippers, who called themselves "Harmony", got pissed that the latest book hooked Harry up with Ginny and Hermione with Ron, and even produced a re-edited version with names changed to be "romantically correct"), when the series has always been 100% J. K. Rowling.

So I'm really at a loss. Any ideas?
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Eddie Guerrero, son of the legendary luchador Gory Guerrero, was found dead in his hotel room this morning at age 38. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

He was one of the greats. 411mania has a nice obituary here.
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Cat wrestling!

Just like a cruiserweight wrestler, the smaller kitten adopts high-flying tactics, while his opponent, the heavyweight cat, uses a more ground-based brawling strategy.
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Total Nonstop Action debuts tomorrow at 11 on Spike! Don't miss it!
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A few more match types.
  • Three-Way Ironman — Pretty much what it sounds like: a three-man variant on an ironman match (most decisions by the end of the time limit wins): both decisions (when a wrestler pins or submits another) and falls (when a wrestler is pinned or submitted) are tallied, and the winner is the one with the highest net score (decisions minus falls). Two men are active at a time, and can tag the third, inactive wrestler to switch places with him. Additionally, when a wrestler is pinned or submits, he  becomes inactive immediately and the current inactive wrestler becomes active.

    A negative score shouldn't be shown for any wrestler: a negative score could seriously bury a wrestler (even though, mathematicaly, if this match has a clean finish at least one wrestler's net score must be negative). Instead, if there is a visible scoreboard and a wrestler has more falls than decisions, his numbers should be colored red (accounting style) to show that he's behind. Or, better yet, it could simply show the standings (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

  • Odd-man-out (trios tornado) — This is a 6-man (trios) tag match in which two wrestlers from each team are active at a time, and the third is inactive. It works out like a basic 2-on-2 tornado tag match, but with an extra guy who can be tagged in.
  • Two ring odd-man-out — Similar to the above, but meant for use with two rings pushed together (for example, on the same card as a double battle royale or a War Games match). One member of a team is in one ring, another is in the other, and the third, inactive partner is positioned at one of the two shared corners. Either active wrestler may tag in the inactive partner and take his place. Each ring has a ref. There's a lot of potential for spots like the inactive wrestler missing a tag because he's watching the other partner, or one active wrestler catapulting into the other ring to save his teammate (he'd have to leave quickly, though, if the refs are maintaining order).
  • Simultaneous falls — A variant on the two ring odd-man-out. To get a pinfall, a team must pin the shoulders of both active members of the opposing team to the mat at the same time for a three-count (either one kicking out breaks the count). Not sure how to handle submissions here. Maybe a submission only counts if the other member's shoulders are pinned, or possibly only if they have been pinned for a three-count. Simultaneous submissions really wouldn't work (because it would be in a wrestler's best interests to tap immediately, before a hold is locked in on his opponent). Maybe it should just be pins-only. At any rate, a wrestler must break the hold when his opponent taps, per the usual rules.
I should totally be a booker. Too bad you kinda need to be a wrestler first to get the job.
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I've had a few ideas for kinds of pro wrestling matches. The problem with a lot of new matches that get introduced is that many are basically novelty or gimmick matches. Most are just slight variants on each other (even TNA's Ultimate X is basically just a ladder match without the ladder; the King of the Mountain match is a little more inventive, if slightly overcomplicated). I hope my ideas are a bit more original, or at least more interesting than the AWA's infamous "Turkey on a Pole Match".
  • Domination match — this is sort of like an elimination match turned inside out. It's a multiple-man match, with two active wrestlers in the ring and the rest at the corners outside of the ropes. When a wrestler is pinned or submits, he must exit the ring and the next wrestler comes in; however, he is not necessarily eliminated from the match. The winner is the first participant to score a decision (pinfall or submission) against each of his opponents. A wrestler is only eliminated from the match (meaning no longer participating and unable to win) if each of his opponents gets a decision against him or he is disqualified (a DQ counts as a decision against that wrestler for all remaining wrestlers). A double count-out or double KO counts as a decision against each active wrestler for the other. In the case of a tie (which can only happen in the case of a DQ or double count out/KO), all wrestlers not tied for first are eliminated and the match continues in one-fall "sudden death" between the remainder. This match would work best for 3-5 wrestlers; any more and it'd go on far too long. It actually has a different dynamic than other types of matches (a wrestler can be "down but not out"), and can develop angles in a different way (in an elimination match, a wrestler can win without having himself eliminated all of his opponents, not so here).
  • Three-For-All —a slight variation on a three-man domination match. The only differences are that all three wrestlers are active at the same time, and a double count-out/KO results in a win for the third man. It's a nice counterpart to the classic Triple Threat (one fall between three men) and ECW's Three-Way Dance (three-man elimination).
  • Double Challenger — One champ faces two challengers, however (unlike a handicap match) the challengers are not cooperating: a challenger wins if he pins or submits the champ; the champ wins only if both challengers are eliminated; a challenger can eliminate the other challenger.
  • King of the Castle — This one hasn't been fully thought out yet. It takes place in a ring with a platform of some kind above it, and is sort of two matches in one: on the "ground floor", it's basically a battle royale (wrestlers eliminated by being thrown over the ropes to the floor outside); on the platform, which a wrestler must climb up onto, it's a one-fall match, and the first wrestler to pin or submit another wrestler wins the entire thing. If the match is reduced to two wrestlers, there can be no more eliminations. The only problem is how to set up the platform: preferably, it'd be a sort of cage, and wrestlers must be able to climb up yet it can't get in the way of throwing wrestlers over the ropes.
  • Trios elimination — Essentially a Tag Team Turmoil match between a few three-man teams, using lucha libre Relevas Australianos tag trio rules: if the captain of a team, or both of the non-captain members of a team, is eliminated, the entire team is eliminated. Last team standing wins.
  • Jailbreak match — The simplest way of descibing this is "half of a cage match": one wrestler (the "prisoner") wins if he escapes over the top of the cage, while the other (the "guard") wins if he pins or submits the prisoner. It could be easily adapted to tag teams, handicap (two guards vs. one prisoner, or vice versa), or multiple competitors as well.
It'd be nice if Total Nonstop Action started up a women's division with a title (possibly the NWA Women's Championship). It seems unlikely, though, since they'd basically be starting from scratch (they've only ever had 2 female wrestlers, and Tracy keeps leaving), but they could partner with Japan's ARSION or some other joshi promotion, and maybe get some luchadoras from Mexico. It'd be nice to have an alternative to WWE's anemic women's division, one where some of the women can actually wrestle (WWE currently has two women who can put on decent matches, Trish Stratus and Victoria; Molly Holly asked to be let go, Lita has gotten dangerously sloppy, and the rest are just eye candy).

A more immediate possibility is a lucha-style trios title. They already have a trios division of sorts with their Super X Cup and World X Cup tournaments, and the larger six-sided ring is well-suited to the larger number of competitors. Team Canada has been a dependable heel stable for a while, and the new James Gang (led by Kip James, formerly WWE's Billy Gunn) could also compete. All they need is a title.
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Chio is on a roll.

What is your Awesome Wrestling Stable?
LJ Username
Stable Name
The Charismatic Leader packy
The Powerhouse Monster ocarina
The Young, Athletic One nightstar_staff
The Grizzled Veteran animal_co
The Cute Valet/Loudmouthed Manager himi
Percentage of Matches Won and General Success - 52%
This quiz by thechio - Taken 10 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Yes, [ profile] himi is my cute valet.
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Had to do this one. It's by [ profile] thechio.

What is your Professional Wrestler Alias?
Real Name
Wrestler Name
Weapon of Choice
Supposed Height 5'7"
Supposed Weight 475lbs
Gimmick A beer-drinking, cussing, yelling degenerate with no respect for authority. Does whatever they want whenever they want and doesn�t care who they have to beat up along the way, but the fans love them anyway.
Wrestling Style Striker
Finishing Move Running Elbow Drop
Percentage of Matches Won - 75%

This quiz by thechio - Taken 17 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

Nice win count. But a running elbow drop? What a boring finisher.


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