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(CNN) — Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says his party is going to launch an "off the hook" public relations campaign that will update the GOP’s image by translating it to "urban-suburban hip-hop settings."
read it here

After the speech, Mr. Steele then proceeded to, as he put it, "get jiggy with it."

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I wanted to have a couple of Secret Service guys tackling Osaka and Chiyo at the end, but I hath not the skillz.
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Well, looks like I was wrong. Prop 1 apparently passed! I was definitely not expecting that, given the economy and the lack of push. So that's good news at least.

Small consolation given that Prop 8 passed. They're still counting absentee ballots, but it'd take a miracle.
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by the fact that the fight against Prop 8 is still a nailbiter. And Prop 1 (high speed rail) is probably going down (though that's hardly unexpected; they didn't push it very well and big expenditures are a tough sell in hard economic times, even though large public works projects are actually a good thing in that situation, as the New Deal showed).

The Dems probably won't have a veto-proof majority, but eh. They've still got a more comfortable majority. And this means that schmuck Lieberman is now a total non-entity.
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\m/ ( ° ∀ ° ) \m/
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What the fuck, people?!

Over on DailyKos, some people are already crying "Kristallnacht", which is seriously overstating things. But still. Fuck. Gassing babies? There are no words.

Oh joy...

Sep. 29th, 2008 11:46 pm
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A Wasilia resident is claiming that Palin has said that she believes dinosaurs walked with men.

Now, granted, this is the Huffington Post, so axes are being ground left and right (but mostly left), and this person could be dishonest. However, while it hasn't been publicized much, the fact that Sarah Palin is an IDiot is public knowledge and not news. The only potential revelation here is that she may be a young earth creationist instead.
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Comics betray growing xenophobia in Japan: Increased strength of South Korea, China fuels backlash

A pair of manga, one of which claims that "there is nothing at all in Korean culture to be proud of" while the other calls China a "world prostitution superpower" obsessed with cannibalism (?!), have become runaway bestsellers. The publisher is surprised with how popular they have become, but nobody seems particularly concerned.

The Hating the Korean Wave series began as a webcomic on the artist's site.

More fun from the nation that brought you Nida. I guess since their constitution forbids them from declaring war, they have to goad their neighbors into attacking first.
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Just about everybody's seen the maps with "red states" and "blue states" (showing which voted for Bush and which for Kerry). And I bet most have seen the "purple states" map (showing proportions of Bush votes to Kerry votes) and the red and blue counties map.

The problem with all of those maps is that most people's initial impression is based on the proportions of red and blue areas, but territory has almost no correlation to either population size or number of electors—see How To Lie With Statistics for more on how that sort of thing is frequently abused. So the huge areas of red or reddish-purple are very misleading (as are the areas of blue dominance), which the Bush administration is already using to claim that he has a broad mandate. It's more accurate, more instructive, and just plain more interesting to look at voting maps with areas adjusted for population or number of electors. These cartograms paint a less arbitrary picture of the current American political reality.

Getting off the subject of politics, but sticking with the theme of maps, here are a couple of links that might give your geographical sense a kick in the seat of the pants. The Peters Projection Map shows the true surface area of land masses, unlike the more familiar Mercator projection, and the results can be a little surprising, especially to Americans. And the land of Oz gets its day in the sun in these "upside-down" maps.
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from [ profile] ludwigvantx: The Borowitz Report

(no, it's not serious. I know)
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It's raining in Berkeley. I can hear thunder. Yesterday, it was bright, sunny, and mild.

Seems like the neocons' plans to immanentize the eschaton are right on track.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 11:14 am
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Guess I could borrow a gun from a friend.

Maybe get some gasoline. I'm in the mood to burn down some Baptist churches.
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It's been nice knowing you all.

At least my parents should still be out of the country when they start "disappearing" Democrats.
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And I gots me fingers crossed. I'm feeling pretty good today. It's so nice out right now that I took a walk after I got out of the polling place (the lines weren't great, but they weren't terrible either,and St. John's Presbyterian has some nice scenery).

There are a lot of Halloween decorations still out. On the way back home, I passed by a house with a gate. There were two plastic skeletons, one on each side of the gate, and above the gate was a sign saying "We're scared of Bush!".In the yard were a couple of plastic tombstones with orange construction paper stuck to them. Written on one was "BUSH", and on the other, "CHENEY".

As a great man, Winston Zeddemore, once said, "I love this town!"
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If electricity is carried by electrons, does that mean morality is carried by morons?
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From Reinder Djikhuis's blog.

Matthew White's Historical Atlas of the 20th Century site has some pretty cool stuff:
  • Most overrated historical aspects of the 20th century — The Cold War? Martin Luther King, Jr.? White makes a good case that they, and other things, people, and events, are overrated.
  • Most underrated historical aspects of the 20th century — To balance it out, some people, events, and things that deserve to be better known.
  • Which has killed more people: gun control or Christianity? — Doesn't really answer the title question, but is quite interesting.
  • Comparing the USA to Rome — A lot of people (particularly on the left) like to compare modern America to Imperial Rome, usually implying that it's about to fall. But most who say this don't actually know that much about Rome. So, how do they compare? Starting with the provocative assertion that current events bear much closer resemblence to Rome circa the end of the 2nd Punic War, White draws up a comparative chart of the two nations, which extends into an amusingly written future history.
The pieces are fairly short, witty, and well-written.
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There's a new comic book company out Egypt, doing superhero comics (with both English and Arabic editions). Most are set in a future unified middle east where most Jews, Christians, and Muslims live together in peace, but which is threatened by extremist groups like the "United Liberation Front" and the "Army of Zios".
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"Bush bashing" sounds like it should be a euphemism for something.

And now, off to Aikido...


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