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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the LJ...
Additionally, the Batgirl meme has caught the attention of a Swiss newspaper (congrats Abby L!), and somebody has made custom Lego figures of several designs!
gwalla: (batstrangle) far I haven't seen Batgirls from [ profile] craziesunshine, [ profile] alun_clewe, [ profile] maboo, [ profile] ursulav, [ profile] thechio, [ profile] qcjeph, or [ profile] brassydel. Have I missed anybody?

EDIT: neither [ profile] johnforster nor [ profile] gatodesnudo has participated yet. Jeph has now (thanks, Packy)

EDIT: [ profile] troutman hasn't! And he's posted on them! I seen 'im! Slacker.

EDIT: [ profile] mr_smeggers! Where you at, dawg?


Jan. 16th, 2006 10:07 pm
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Even Bunny gets in on the action!
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Giving up on updating the previous Batgirl list entry. One thing this meme has revealed is that there are a ton of awesome artists on LiveJournal. Even skipping the not-so-great entries leaves a lot of pics.


Jan. 15th, 2006 02:30 pm
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So on Friday the 13th, LiveJournal suddenly exploded with pictures of Batgirls. It all started when an artist posted pics of an alternate Batgirl from an unsuccessful pitch to DC Comics for a Batgirl Elseworlds (for those not into DC, Elseworlds is their term for self-contained stories not set in the official continuity, e.g. "Superman: Red Son", in which the infant Kal-El landed in the USSR). Some of his artist lj-friends posted their own versions of Batgirl, and from there it caught on like wildfire throughout the artistically-inclined parts of LiveJournal. As of last count there are more than 300 pieces, and that's just the ones that have come to the attention of [ profile] himynameisjamie, who is maintaining the master list. There are quite a few Barbara Gordons, and very few Cassandra Cains, but most are completely original in the spirit of the pic that started it all.

Now, I'm no artist, but I know what I like. So I'm going to list the ones I've seen that I thought were particularly good, in no particular order.
The full list is here.

EDIT: added [ profile] mercuryshade
EDIT: added [ profile] windwoodrose, [ profile] kosher_jenny, [ profile] marukka, and [ profile] haikuninja. Bumping.


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